Why Chess Is Better Than Football

In case anyone is trying to choose between them here are ten arguments in favour of chess:

  1. Chess does not cause brain damage.
  2. Chess helps prevent alzheimer’s.
  3. Walking to a chess club provides excellent exercise without tearing ligaments.
  4. Chess fans don’t often attack each other or vandalise shopping centres.
  5. Football commentators like to elevate their game by comparing it to chess, chess commentators don’t do the reverse.
  6. Injuries don’t normally force people to give the game up.
  7. You only need two players to start a game and they can even be in different parts of the World.
  8. Winning a chess game doesn’t get you kissed and hugged by several sweaty, muddy footballers.
  9. Other players don’t try to make you fall over if you have a good attack.
  10. Players of every size and age can meet on more or less equal footing.

Of course this doesn’t stop football being massively more popular but this is probably down to the low barrier to entry, there’s a lot of technical knowledge required before you can start to be good at chess.