Women’s World Team Championship

Not unexpectedly China was first in this event followed by Russia. But hang on a second, in these days of ‘equality’ shouldn’t men have been allowed to take part?

It does seem that there haven’t been any males willing (or brave) enough to insist on their right to play and take FIDE to court should they be refused. But of more relevance to The Chess Improver is whether female players should play in girls events or just look for the best available opposition (male or female).

My personal take is that looking for ‘success’ within any kind of restricted event (particular ratings, age, sex or geographical area) will foster a mentality which seeks petty external glory rather than personal excellence and ongoing improvement. Accordingly I feel it should be taken with a pinch of salt, let’s just play chess instead. And let’s look for events which best develop our game rather than those which offer the prospect of a meaningless title.