Again Gujarat is in the Limelight

Gujarat is one of the states of India. In 2010 Gujarat had set world record where 20,000 players played chess at a single venue. Again 2012 Gujarat created two more records one is 4000 women played 64 square game under one roof and Gujarat’s only IWM Dhyni Dave set the Limca record of playing simultanously with 150 players at Mahatma Mandir in GandhiNagar, state of Gujarat.

Viswanathan Anand also praised the Gujarat Goverment for promoting chess, in his words: “I am excited to see 4,000 girls playing together. I feel the chess community in Gujarat is lucky to have such promoters. I hope we will have such enthusiasm across the country.”. This was Anand’s first visit to Gujarat after winning his fifth world title.

Here is the Dhyani Dave’s one of the better game where she beat Zeinab Mamedjarova.