Amatuer versus Master – Game Three

This is another game against a chess master that I played on the ICC server. This chess master is from Hong Kong. When I asked him for a draw I sent my request in English and I also sent it in Chinese. I used translation software to write in Chinese. I never got any messages from him so I don’t know if he reads English, but he did accept my draw request.

I played a Modern (Robatsch) Defense partly because I was unsure of how he would handle the Sicilian Defense. In this case that seemed to be a good choice. On move number 8 my opponent went into a less popular line and I had equality from that point on. There was some sharp play in the endgame, but we still ended up with equality.

Games from the rejected lines are included in my analysis. I didn’t need to use my chess engines much in this game because there was plenty of analysis in my database.

Mike Serovey


Author: Mike Serovey

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM is a USCF certified local chess tournament director, candidate master in correspondence chess and an avid chess player. Mike won the Under 1600 section of the state of Florida chess championship in 1986, won several Walter Muir sections and is currently ranked in the top 100 correspondence chess players in the USA.