An Effective Way To Reduce Your Opening Work

I personally don’t like to learn lots of chess opening theory and some times due to other responsibilities you can not afford to spend such time on it. So how one could reduce one’s work on openings with the greates efficiency? Here I give 100% credit to Nigel who helped me a lot in reducing opening work by the following simple means.

Playing the same positions with both colours
I play d4 with White and the Caro against e4. I gradually came to realize that many branches of the Caro follow Queen’s Pawn Openings, so actually you’re playing the same opening with different colours. Here is an example:

This is typical position in Caro exchange with 7…Qd7 variation.

I love the above position as I feel very comfortable in it. Here I prefer to play 13…Rab8 with an idea of playing …b5-b4, and it is the same plan that has been deployed by great players in the QGD Exchange Variation (Rab1 with an idea of playing b4-b5).

I play the QGD exchange in the same fashion:

So you can see how you can reduce your work.

An opening is not complete if you don’t know its middle game plans, so my advice is to keep your opening simple and try to observe the pawn structure, related strategies and piece placements. Examples can be found in playing with an isolated pawn, playing for a minority attack or fighting against hanging pawns. If you would like to read something more on preparing on middle games, here is another article of mine.

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Ashvin Chauhan