Another Bird Brained Idea Leads to Another Loss for Black

Although I have lost Over the Board (OTB) games to Bird’s Opening at least three times, I still think that it is a bird brained opening. People often play unusual openings in order to avoid prepared lines from “booked up” opponents. I have experimented with unorthodox openings myself with mixed results. In future articles I will post some of my games in which I chose to play unorthodox openings. For now, I am showing games in which I lost to them.

Here is another one of my losses to Bird’s Opening. As in other losses, I played fairly well in an unfamiliar opening and messed up later on in the game. I made a minor error on move number 11 and another one on move number 13.  I moved my Knight to the wrong square on move number 14 and flat out blundered on move number 15. From move number 16 on I was losing.

Mike Serovey


Author: Mike Serovey

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM is a USCF certified local chess tournament director, candidate master in correspondence chess and an avid chess player. Mike won the Under 1600 section of the state of Florida chess championship in 1986, won several Walter Muir sections and is currently ranked in the top 100 correspondence chess players in the USA.