Another Correspondence Chess World Champion!

Normally, at this time of year, I like to write a blog which is not as serious as usual, but I could hardly ignore another correspondence chess World Champion, so you will have to wait for my lighthearted blog!

GM Fabio Finocchiaro from Italy is the latest ICCF correspondence chess World Champion after scoring 10/15 in the 25th World Championship Final Category 14 tournament which started in 2009.  Yes, there was another World Champion only a few weeks ago, I know you are thinking, who might be feeling a little disappointed in having such a short reign.  That is because it is difficult to know exactly when each tournament will end when they are played by post.

The crosstable of the tournament can be viewed here: –

There is still one game outstanding between England’s top GM Richard Hall, currently on 8.5/14, and Germany’s GM Frank Schroder, currently on 8/14. The result of this game will not affect the final outcome, although if GM Hall can win, he will come second. England’s GM Dr Ian Brooks has finished with 7.5/15.

The World Championship games have not been released yet, so here is one recent game from the Italy v Germany Match: –