Breaking The Rules

We all are familiar with general rules to play a better chess game; like don’t move twice in the opening, don’t make too many pawn moves in the opening, don’t bring the queen out too early in the game, the king is an extra piece in the endgame but in the middle game it need protection, two bishops are often stronger than knights, fight for the centre, place your pawns in the opposite color of your bishop (Good Bishop-Bad Bishop), knights are good in closed position etc.

You will find these in almost every chess book in one or another form and with time it can become second nature to follow them blindly. As a result our creativity and imagination can be damaged and chess can look boring to us.

So I have done one little experiment with myself. In recent days I played lots of games where I intentionally made moves which are not wise according the rules, for example moving piece twice in the opening or making too many pawn moves in the opening or keeping king in the center for a long time, weakening the king side pawn structure etc. As a result my love and passion for chess increased! I have become bolder at chess board and on top of it all I am again enjoying the chess ‘as it is’.

Chess is a beautiful game where you are the king, so behave like the king. I am not advocating to that you must break the rules but you must try to find the ways to break the rules!! When you do something which is not wise, people may treat you as mad at first, but it is creative and imaginative people who are remembered!!

My only aim behind writing this article is just to motivate you guys to play the chess the way you want. Keep the rules in mind but look for ways to break them.

Ashvin Chauhan