Chess Tips & Tricks #10

Welcome and welcome 🙂 to another segment of chess tips and tricks. For today’s tip of the day we will be talking about “Three pieces is a mate” which is an adage that teaches us how to count attackers and defenders in a position. Typically when we have more attackers than defenders we can rely on the potential of our attack, and can therefore invest time in sorting out variations which can conclusively lead to a winning game. Enjoy!


Chess Tips & Tricks #9 – “Andre Philidor’s Maxim”

Hello every one and welcome to another segment of Chess Tips. In today’s segment we touch on the great Andre Philidor’s maxim of having successful attacks with many coordinated pieces as opposed with one or two. Andre Philidor one of the very first strategist of our game made a great contribution to our knowledge by sharing this concept. He is also responsible, for the ever famous “Pawns are the soul of chess” which pretty much encapsulated a time period in chess strategy…


Chess Tips & Tricks #7 “Alekhine’s Maxim”

In today’s segment of chess tips and tricks we follow the great maxim of Dr. Alekhine’s  how “When you have a pawn on e5 it is the starting premise for an attack”. This is a very interesting adage by the Russian world champion.

A pawn on e5 removes the best defender of the opposing king and as a result allows many pieces to springboard over to that quadrant of the board. Moves like Qg4-h5 come to mind, together with knight, bishop, and rook leaps.

For our example today we will be looking at the classical encounter between Nigel Short and Jan Timman, where Short completely humiliates Timman’s Alekhine defense 🙂