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Digging Deep

Even when a situation seems hopeless it’s not always so clear. In this game White lost a piece after 29…d4, but the endgame proved to be complicated.

The lesson to be learned is to never give up and always try to find ways to create chances.

Sam Davies

Sacrificing the Exchange

Here’s a game I went through with my Dad which featured a win by Nigel Short in the Closed Sicilian. His exchange sacrifice with 17.Rxc6 was very good, he got both of Black’s central pawns with 18.Nxe5 and then 19.Nxd4 and then managed to shut down Black’s counterplay:

Sam Davies

Grinding Out A Win

Here’s a game of mine from this last weekend in which I managed to grind out a win in what looked like an even endgame. I was helped by my opponent’s shortage of time but I had a slight edge later in the game that was enough encouragement to keep going.

Sam Davies

A Rapidplay Secret

My Dad and I played in the Stockport Rapidplay yesterday, I got 3.5/6 in the Major and Dad got 5.5/6 to win the Open. One of the things he has told me is that in faster time limits its really important to stay ahead on the clock, and this was probably what decided his round 5 game against Macklin:

Sam Davies


Here’s a complicated game I played this last weekend. It also took almost 4 hours, which is one of my longest games so far.

I think I kept my position alive by finding tactical resources, though my Dad says I was lost at various points and should have advanced my queenside pawns. In any case I was happy to draw:

Sam Davies

Chess and Table Tennis

Yesterday I played in my first table tennis tournament and won three of my seven matches. Overall I would say that table tennis tournaments seem more fun because people talk more and it’s less tense. I also think it will help my chess because you can’t make a draw and always have to play to win.

It seems that Bobby Fischer was also a fan of table tennis and always played to win in his chess games. Here is a Fischer game in which his opponent finally cracked under the strain. It seems Geller thought that 67…g3 was impossible because of 68.fxg3+ followed by 69.Kxf1!, all of which is illegal!

Sam Davies

An Attacking Game in the Closed Sicilian

Here’s a great attacking game in the Closed Sicilian by the Hungarian Grandmaster Istvan Bilek. The attack started with 9.f5! is very typical of this opening though in this case it was followed by a brilliant exchange sacrifice (11.Rxf5). There is one very important tactical point, after 13…f5 14.Bd5+ Kh8 15.Ng5 h6 White has the brilliant 16.Qg6! when 16…hxg5 17.Qh5+ leads to mate.

Sam Davies

Amazing Rapid Play Win by Judit Polgar

Here’s a game I went through recently with my Dad. I thought it was an amazing win by Judit Polgar, especially because it was a rapid play game. The sacrifice with 22.Ndf5 happens a lot in these types of position but it still needs working out:

Sam Davies

Open Files And The 7th Rank

The point of controlling an open file is to get a rook into your opponent’s position on the 7th or 8th rank. Here’s a rapid play game in which I managed to do this, my rooks getting to the 7th rank along the c-file.

Sam Davies

A Fischer Masterpiece

This is one of Bobby Fischer’s most famous games Which he wins with a queen sacrifice at the end. If Black promoted his pawn with 30…c1=Q+, White would answer with 31.Rxc1 Rxc1+ 32.Kh2 and after 32…Qf8 the queen sacrifice would follow just the same.

Sam Davies