Chess and Management

When a lay man once asked me about what chess is, I replied him that: “It is management.” Let me explain you some of inter-related concept of chess and management which may help a bit to chess players.

Optimum use of resources : Like in management to achieve better results you need to use all your resources at optimum level, the same way in chess you need to place your pieces so that it can be used for multiple purpose.

The bishop not only attacks but also prevents exchange of rooks.(defence)

Swot analysis :
In this competitive market every organisation make their strategy based on swot analysis that is in simple terminology called Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Similarly in chess you need to make positional evaluation over the chess board in order to plan out strategy …. for example forming winning attack. Here Najdrof shows how to forms winning attack.

Pricing :
Sometimes organizations throws the services or products at very cheap rates and lowering their profit temporary in order to penetrate the market. Now pause the reading and think similar way what we do as chess player……..yha we throw/sacrifice our pieces to create winning attack which decides the game. By writing this I was remembering the famous game between fisher and where Fischer has sacrificed his queen for bishop in order to create attack.(A game of century)