Angus James

Angus_JamesAngus James is a chess coach and player living in Surbiton, in south west London. He teaches beginners and runs chess clubs in schools in the area and also coaches improving players, either in person or online. He also helps organise junior teams to represent Surrey in regional and England national events. He is an English Chess Federation Accredited Coach.

As a player, Angus only started playing as an adult and so missed out on many years of potential earlier development as a player. This is partly why he feels strongly that children should have the opportunity to learn and play chess, believing that it will suit some and not others. He likes that fact that an increasing number of schools are offering chess as an extra-curricular club or even teaching chess as part of the curriculum (Chess in Schools and Communities), and likes being part of that.

Angus’s best results recently include 2nd= in the UK Chess Academy Easter Open 2013, and 2nd= in the Surrey Challenge Cup 2012. Here is one of his better games: