GM Nigel Davies

Nigel Davies

The founder and owner of The Chess Improver, Nigel is an International Grandmaster living in Southport in the UK. In former times he was a semi-professional player, now he works as a trainer through the Tiger Chess website.

Nigel learned chess at the age of 9 but it was only when he was 11 that he first went to a chess club. Thereafter he made rapid progress, teaching himself by reading an immense number of chess books, through practical play and by trial and error. At 15 he was Southport Chess Club Champion and at 16 the Merseyside Champion. Thereafter he became an International Master (1982) and International Grandmaster (1993).

A prolific author and DVD presenter, Nigel has written 16 books on chess and presented 39 DVDs. His former students include two players who went on to become International Grandmasters themselves, Matthew Saddler and Ronen Har-Zvi, though he prefers to work with older club players who get a tremendous sense of achievement when they realize that they’re not too old to improve.

Besides chess Nigel has a keen interest in Tai Chi and is a registered instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. His son Sam also plays chess and has made rapid progress with his game.

Here’s one of Nigel’s games against the many time US Champion, Walter Browne:

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