IM John Rhodes

John Rhodes
John Rhodes

John Rhodes is our correspondence chess expert with a keen interest in the history of computer chess and dedicated chess machines. He became an ICCF International Master in 2004 and an ICCF Senior International Master in 2008. His highest rating was 2456 (ICCF, 2009) and his current rating is 2428.

John is now retired after having spent 34 years at international bank, 2 years at Driving Standards Agency and then 6 years as an Approved Driving Instructor. Besides chess his interests include beekeeping, Classic Cars, listening to classical music, Running to keep fit and visiting Historic Houses.

He and his wife also try to lead a very eco lifestyle, generating some of their electricity and hot water, collecting rainwater and even have a petrol electric hybrid car to lower emissions and noise levels.

Here’s one of John’s games, a typically creative attacking win against a strong opponent:

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