Robert Pearson

Robert Pearson With Fish
Robert lives in Juneau, Alaska with his wife and eight-year-old son. His son also enjoys chess, but is currently more interested in drawing pictures of ninjas with laser guns. As Juneau has no road connections with the rest of the world the opportunities for tournament play are limited, but the fishing, hunting and hiking are marvelous. Just mind the bears in your back yard!

After teaching himself chess at 12, Robert began tournament play at 20 and had a brief peek into the USA Class “A” rating in 1990-91. His tournament successes include Reno, Nevada Chess Club, Class C Champion in 1985 and Class B Champion in 2008, and Alaska Class B Champion, 2002. However, he has learned a good deal more from his losses than his wins.

Robert’s special interests are the attitudes, techniques, methods and exercises that can help us to have more passion, pleasure and joy in chess, work and life. He also finds a rich vein of humor in chess and chess players and hopes to share it. You can also find the archives of Robert’s previous chess blog here.

Here is one of Robert’s games: