Dealing With Scoundrels

Chess is game for gentlemen (ah looks good in books) but most of us have been in a situation where either we or our opponents have used some tricks to turn the table. Here are some of them:

– Offering a draw to your opponent when you are in a lost but still tricky position and you need a mistake from your opponents. I have used this sometimes.

– Playing insulting moves, best example is Tony Miles’s 1…a6 on very first move against Karpov.

– Uttering some nonsense words during the game (often seen at club level)

– Changing rook files or ranks, knight moves to 3 and half step as nobody watching you and the game is not recorded.

– Making comments about each other before a tournament, which has been seen at the highest level.

– Exploiting time trouble via some means.

Nowadays even children are doing this kind of thing, and so frequently that ‘credit’ should be given to their coaches in most of the cases (my observation). I also observed that those tricks work very well most of the times in spite of being unethical. I have been a victim of scoundrels so in my search about how to deal with those scoundrels I found Nigel’s DVD. Here is a trailer.

Where Nigel has covered most of feints with examples taken from expert’s games and discussed counter ways. Everyone hates those scoundrels so here are some strategies which might be useful to you while dealing with scoundrels and their nonsense.

– Best one is Nigel’s one in my view. Just don’t pay any attention to them as they are self distracted and soon they will blunder.

– Complain to the arbiter

– Not the best but my favorite, use same thing against them as I believe in tit for tat.

Here’s the game in which Miles played 1…a6 on very first move against the then World Champion.

Ashvin Chauhan