Double Bishop Sacrifice

Like the Greek Gift and Windmill, the Double Bishop Sacrifice (Known as Lasker’s Double Bishop Sacrifice) is a typical attacking pattern against a castled king. But here too there are some guidelines which should give you an idea about whether or not it will work:

– The opponent’s king must not be able to run away from via the f to e file and further, I mean to say that flight squares are either be blocked by his own pieces or restricted by your pieces.
– The basic idea behind giving up two bishops is to checkmate the opponent king along with g and h files, so Rook lifts must be available for you.
– Your Queen must be able to reach to h4/h5 or at least have access to the h- file.
– The defender should not be able to exchange queens.

Here is the famous Lasker game in which this sacrifice was implemented:

A similar pattern was creatively used by Tony Miles creatively in the following game:

The Reverend John Owen was not as creative as Miles.

Ashvin Chauhan