GM and Amateur : Blunders and Pattern Recognition.

What is difference between chess Grand Master and chess amateur? Many chess expert already spoke on that but in my opinion …. A chess amateur opinion the only difference is they blunder in rare cases and we blunder often whether it’s positional or tactical.

While playing on internet or at chess club I have observed the same pattern with the relation to Elo with the any time control. Higher the elo , lower the blunders (in Nos)

So I thought what is the reason? after thinking I came to the conclusion that they have better understanding of arising positions / patterns. They recognize the arising pattern and plan accordingly while for us every thing is new. Therefore I understand why my master (GM Nigel Davies) focuses on pattern recognition.  Now it can be said that in order to improve chess we need to improve our knowledge in different chess patterns/positions.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article that GM blunders in rare cases here are some examples from the recent London Chess Classic 2012.

  • Game Between Anand and Adams

  • Game Between Nakamura and McShane

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