Guess The Move Update

I mentioned this excellent piece of training software in a previous post. Well it has now been improved by its designer, Fred Mellender, and is still absolutely free. You can download the new version here and here is the explanatory video:

Going through complete master games is one of the best ways to improve and ascribe much of my improvement during my teenage years to having done this. The more ‘involved’ you are in the games the better it works, so attempting to ‘guess the moves’ is a good way to do this.

In the bad old days we had to do this with books, covering up the page and only revealing the next move after having tried to guess it. Needless to say this was a somewhat cumbersome approach and it’s difficult to tell how well you are doing. Guess the Move on the other hand will automatically score your good guesses and even count good moves that were not played in the game.


Author: NigelD

Nigel Davies is an International Chess Grandmaster living in St. Helens in the UK. The winner of 15 international tournaments he is also a former British U21 and British Open Quickplay Champion and has represented both England and Wales on several occasions. These days Nigel teaches chess through his chess training web site, Tiger Chess, which has articles, recommendations, a monthly clinic, videos and courses. His students include his 15 year old son Sam who is making rapid progress with his game. Nigel has written a number of chess books that are available at Amazon: