Kasparov’s Sacrifice

Garry Kasparov is again in lime-light this time not for chess but because of his political activity. As we all know Garry is opposition leader in Russia and was set on Monday to face police questioning after he was detained at protest during the Pussy Riot trail. He was also accused of biting a policeman.

This is the news but I am not going to cover it. The point is there are so many similar qualities between a chess player and a politician, for example both should visionary and I am going to discuss the quality of sacrifice. In many chess games Garry has sacrificed material in order to win the game or to get a good position similar way. It may be his small sacrifice of being arrested will be very good for his political career, like a pawn sacrifice in chess. When accepted it becomes very dangerous for the opponent.

Let’s check out his game where he sacrifices pawn against Josef Pribyl