Lessons With Ashvin

Ashvin Chauhan

Hello, I’m Ashvin Chauhan, one of Nigel’s senior students. I give lessons via Skype based on his methodology and I charge £20 for each one hour lesson.

My current rating is 1776 and I specialize in tactics and endgames. This makes me an appropriate teacher for players under 1600 and juniors.

Actually I have a business background, getting an M.B.A from Saurashtra University in India and started my career with Marwadi Shares and Finance in 2003.  But I love chess so much that in 2010 I decided to make it my profession!

I was born in 1981 in Rajkot, India. I’m married to Falguni and my hobbies include table tennis and going for long drives! Below is one of my better games and a contact form: