Man versus Machine Part 2

In a previous article, I analyzed my win against a chess engine called Colossus. That game was one of three games against Colossus that I played that night. I am not sure of what order I played those games in, but here is one of my two losses to Colossus.

In this game, both sides missed a few opportunities, but I began to blunder in the endgame. This may have been due to fatigue, but I can’t remember for sure on that.

Mike Serovey


Author: Mike Serovey

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM is a USCF certified local chess tournament director, candidate master in correspondence chess and an avid chess player. Mike won the Under 1600 section of the state of Florida chess championship in 1986, won several Walter Muir sections and is currently ranked in the top 100 correspondence chess players in the USA.