Man versus Machine Part 3

This game is one of three that I played on 29 Feb 2012 against a computer program on the ICC server called Colussus. This game is one of my two losses that night. My previous posts about my games versus Colossus can be found here: Colossus Game 1 and here: Colossus Game 2.

I played the opening a little too aggressively and neglected castling my King. From move ten on, I was losing but I did not realize that until move number 22. This game shows why it is a bad idea for me to play chess when I am tired or distracted. However, this was an unrated game so all that I lost was my pride.

Mike Serovey


Author: Mike Serovey

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM is a USCF certified local chess tournament director, candidate master in correspondence chess and an avid chess player. Mike won the Under 1600 section of the state of Florida chess championship in 1986, won several Walter Muir sections and is currently ranked in the top 100 correspondence chess players in the USA.