Need Sure Points? Sicilian Defence Edition, Closed Variation

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The Closed Sicilian is not as popular as it used to be. One of the reasons could be the arising middle game positions offer only a slight advantage at best; most of the times they just offer equal play for both sides. In an era of instant gratification and/ or results, that does not sound too appealing. Why would White consider playing it anyway? The element of surprise remains a factor and in OTB chess surprising your opponent by getting them out of their opening preparation is an important weapon. You can also be a strong positional player feeling you can outsmart your opposition or simply consider yourself a stronger player (i.e. based on rating or title) wishing to test the strength of your opposition when the opening preparation is minimal. I have chosen two games as samples. The first one shows a relatively simple plan to follow for white, finishing with a perpetual combination. The second one shows equal play until massive exchanges lead to a completely drawn position. Conclusion: neither side has a lot to worry about and the half points available for both sides are as good as in the bank.

Valer Eugen Demian

Author: Valer Eugen Demian

The player - my first serious chess tournament was back in 1974, a little bit late for today's standards. Over the years I have had the opportunity to play all forms of chess from OTB to postal, email and server chess. The journey as a player brought me a lot of experience and a few titles along the way: FIDE CM (2012), ICCF IM (2001) and one ICCF SIM norm (2004). The instructor - my career as a chess teacher and coach started in 1994 and continues strong. I have been awarded the FIDE Instructor title (2007) for my work and have been blessed with great students reaching the highest levels (CYCC, NAYCCC, Pan-Am, WYCC). I am very proud of them! See my website for more information. I have developed my own chess curriculum on 6 levels based on my overall chess knowledge and hands-on experience. A glimpse of it can be seen in my first chess app: I can help you learn chess the proper way if this is what you seek!