NIT Grandmasters Open Chess Tournament

The NIT Grandmasters Open was organized by the Nagpur District Chess Association with the total prize money of INR 15, 00,000 (Approx 26,785 $). There were 17 GMs, 28 IMs, 2 WGMs, a WFM, 2 WIMs and 8 FMs among the 150 participants.

The tournament was quite interesting and a bit funny as in the second round the organizers had a field day searching for two Armenian GMs, who were found sleeping in their hotel rooms, unaware they should be playing.

Tournament highlights

• Krishna CRG (2326) defeated GM Vovk Andrey (2564) in 2nd round

• IM Udeshi Aditya (2349) of scored an upset win over experienced GM Saidali Iuldachev (2458) of Uzbekistan and CRG Krishna (2326) defeated GM Sriram Jha (2432) in the major upsets of the day in 3rd round.

• Grandmaster Petrosian (2459) Davit of Armenia, who lost a valuable point by forfeit yesterday was dealt a blow by Vikramaditya Sahu (2128) in 3rd round

• 15 Year Old Gagare Shardul (2366) defeated GM Abdulla Al-Rakib (2513) in 5th Round

• In the same colour bishop ending, Himanshu Sharma (2393) outsmarted GM Andrei Deviatkin (2588) of Russia in 8th round.

• Former national under 25 and blitz champion RR Laxman of ICF had to lose a valuable point, when his mobile phone rang in his game with IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni of Maharashtra

• Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, former under 14 world champion from Maharashtra was the cynosure of all eyes in the ninth round.He made a quick draw with top seed Aleksandrov Aleksej of Belarus, to earn a well deserved nine-game GM norm

• Himanshu Sharma of Railways played a solid game against India’s latest GM Sahaj Grover of Delhi to pocket a point in 46 moves in 9th round.

• After 9 rounds, Ziaur Rahman of Bangladesh wrested the sole lead with 7.5 points, followed by five others with 7 points each.

• Karnataka’s newly approved international master GA Stany held second seeded Kravtsiv Martyn of Ukraine to a draw in 9th round.

• In 10th Round Ziaur wasted no time in beating Railways’ IM Himanshu Sharma (who needed to win the game to get a GM norm) and brightened his chances of winning the title in the tenth and penultimate round, He has scored 8.5 points, closely followed by top seed Aleksandrov Aleksej of Belarus and second seeded Kravtsiv Martyn of Ukraine, with 8 points each.

• In 11th and final round Rahman Ziaur drew with Ankit Rajpara of India (2397) who didn’t lose a single game in tournament and win the championship while Aleksandrov satisfied with second place even after winning the last round.

• While Vidit Santosh (IM 2501),Himanshu Sharma (IM 2393) and Ankit Rajpara ( IM 2397) made phenomenal performance by obtaining 4th. 5th and 6th place respectively.

Here is champion’s game of 10th round.