Ordinary People make Heroes

Normally Chess Player is sighing due to his game or his championship, but here I am going to talk of social aspect of Indian chess legend.

A Private Eye Hospital at Chennai (City of India) has provided an unique honour to the world champion by conducting 100 cataract operations on needy patients in the name of chess legend.

In Vishy’s words “This initiative is of a different level compared to my world champion crown of the elite game of 64-squares, But, I want to say that this is almost a bit flattering to have this done in my name, because, I think you cannot even compare what happiness we provide in sports and what they (hospital) have done.”

Emotionally Anand said: “It’s an incredible honour to know that I have some connection and a personal touch with these 100 people. I am very glad.”

The reason behind choosing this news for my post is just to remind all the heroes of any sports that ordinary people makes you heroes so there are also your responsibilities towards those ordinary people. Here is the Hospital who gave honour to Vishy but I think all those heroes should take some initiative to help society.