‘Pawn Stars’ win first British Webserver Team Tournament Championship!

As hoped in a January post, I am delighted to report that the ‘Pawn Stars’ team has won Division 1 of the first British Webserver Team Tournament with 16.5 points. The team consisted of SIM Dr Michael Millstone (USA) on Board 1, myself (ENG) on Board 2, SIM Gino Figlio (PER) on Board 3 and Austin Lockwood (WLS, Captain) on Board 4. Second is ‘ICCF Warriors’ with 15 points and third is ‘BCCA Kings’ with 13 points.

Congratulations must go to Neil Limbert of the British Federation for Correspondence Chess who conceived, organised and ran the event. Neil writes “The concept of allowing 2 non-British players in each team has worked well increasing the strength and interest in the tournament”. Season 2 begins on 20th May 2013 with last day for entries on 10th May 2013. Entry details can be found at the BFCC website at www.bfcc-online.org.uk . If you are not able to get a team together you can contact Neil and he will try to get you into a team. Players who like the Champions League, but would prefer to play only 6 games rather than 12, should certainly think about entering this tournament!

Here is a win by our top board, Dr Michael Millstone: –

John Rhodes