Peter Hannan

I was very sorry to hear yesterday about the passing of the Kent player, arbiter and organizer Peter Hannan. I was a lodger with the Hannan family when I moved to London in the early 1980s so got to know them well.

Besides being a wonderful person to know, Peter was one of the unsung heroes of British chess as an organizer and arbiter. He and his family also made many well known chess people welcome in their home including David Bronstein, Murray Chandler, Max Fuller, Rob Hartoch and Eric Schiller. Players used to love staying with the family as a kind of home from home. I too have many happy memories of going down the pub with them and then going for dinner at a local Indian Restaurant.

From a chess point of view there were a couple of things Peter did that are useful to the chess improver. First of all he always kept good records of his games, copying each game meticulously into a score book. He also made his own mind up about openings, thinking it necessary for Black to play …Re8 in the …Nbd7 Classical King’s Indian in order to get White to close the centre. He had this idea many years before Victor Bologan and others.

Here anyway is Peter demolishing another senior in 2008:

Peter is survived by his wife Rose-Marie, his three sons, John, Simon and Julian and numerous Grandchildren. My condolences to them all.


Author: NigelD

Nigel Davies is an International Chess Grandmaster living in St. Helens in the UK. The winner of 15 international tournaments he is also a former British U21 and British Open Quickplay Champion and has represented both England and Wales on several occasions. These days Nigel teaches chess through his chess training web site, Tiger Chess, which has articles, recommendations, a monthly clinic, videos and courses. His students include his 15 year old son Sam who is making rapid progress with his game. Nigel has written a number of chess books that are available at Amazon: