QGD Horror Show

Ben is friend and former Battersea team mate. This was a QGD that we played at last years London Chess Classic. He played his attack very well.

I do feel uncomfortable with these opposite side castling QGDs. I don’t feel happy with Black’s attacks and need to play more!

In this game I remembered that it is necessary for Black to attack on the queenside to create counterplay. And this is achieved by pushing the a pawn. But I couldn’t remember (nor work out OTB) the way of doing it. I blundered with 14…b4 losing the a pawn for less than nothing. White easily shuts down Black on the queenside and can get on with things on the kingside with little to worry about. 14…Qa5 looks so natural with the benefit of hindsight. I think I worried about moving my queen away from my kingside and wanted to rush my counterplay.

Dan Staples