Recognise the Pattern # 38

Today we will see a typical theme know as fool’s mate. The idea is to use the weak (e1-h4 or h5-e8) diagonal with the queen or the bshop in order to checkmate opponent king. I believed that the chance of this happening would be very low for experienced players until I found a victim rated above 2,000. Of course he didn’t allow checkmate in 2 with 1.g4 e6 2.f3 Qh4 # but missed a pretty combination.

Albrecht (2035) vs Rene (1855), 2007
Black to Move – Position after 11. f3

Q – With his last move f3, White has weakened the e1-h4 diagonal and I guess he believed that this was OK as the bishop can come to f2 and there is no immediate way to attack the same diagonal. What did he miss?

Solution –

A Square or a piece defended once and attacked once is always vulnerable.
11…fxg4 ! 12. fxg4??

This is final mistake because the Black rook is attacking the f2. White should have tried Qb3 with the idea of castling long.


Now the knight can’t be taken due to checkmate in two.

13. Bf2 Ne3!!

Here White resigned as he is going to lose his right to castle and minimum another pawn.
A sample line might be 14. Qb3 Ng2+ 15. Kf1 Ne3+ followed by Nxg4.

Ashvin Chauhan