Resign, Or Play On?

There comes the inevitable moment in my games when I have to ask myself ‘Should I resign now or should I play on a few more moves?’

In this week’s problem, the grandmaster playing White resigned, although he had three moves by his King which held the draw.

Can you see how White can draw this game?

The answer to last week’s problem is that White uses his space advantage on the kingside to win as follows :-

1. Qxg7+ Kxg7 2. Rg3+ Kh6 3. Bc1+ Kh5 4. Be2+ Kxh4 5. Bg5 mate

Steven Carr


Author: Steven Carr

I am 57 years old, and I am trying to improve my standard of play. From 1998 to 2012, I had a break from chess, playing very few games in that period. I now play more competitive chess and I currently have a English grading of 184. I hope to get a grading of over 200 one day. I normally play in the Merseyside League and play Board 1 for Wallasey.