Respect the Board – Chess Master final 2012

When I started coaching with my mentor, GM Nigel, I adopted the slogan “desire to win” on my Skype profile. I’ve now changed this to “playing the position” as the way my mentor has shaped my game. In simple terms you should respect the board and should not play emotionally because chess is an extremely logical game. There there is no place for emotional decisions whether you are a chess genius or beginner.

So I was a bit surprised when the World number 1, Magnus Carlsen, avoided the this simple rule and lost against Fabiano Caruana. At some point in time he was better but in the end it was quite drawn. But then he tried to force the win at the cost of precious time on the clock, just a few moves short of time control. And then he blundered and went on to lose.

Here is the game.

Levon Aronian, playing very fine chess, notched a powerful win and open with three points while Indian Chess Legend Anand drew with F. Vallejo.

Here is Aronian victory.