Season Two of the British WS Team Tournament Begins!

The second season of the very popular British Webserver Team Tournament has recently begun on the ICCF server. There are 25 teams of 4 players per team in 4 Divisions with 7 teams in the first 3 Divisions, and 4 teams in Division 4. Each player has 6 games, although in Division 4 it is 2 games against each opponent.

Division 1 has 3 ICCF Grandmasters, 5 Senior International Masters, 1 International Master and 1 Lady International Master. The average ratings for each board are Board 1: – 2372; Board 2: – 2336; Board 3: – 2285; Board 4: – 2212. The reigning Champions, “Pawn Stars”, with 3 SIMs, Gino Figlio, Dr. Michael Millstone and myself and Austin Lockwood (Captain) are up against “ICCF Warriors”, the likely favourites, with a team containing 3 GMs, Nigel Robson, Raymond Boger and Mark Noble and 1 SIM, Ian Pheby. Other teams are “BCCA Griffins”, “Scheming Mind A”, “Scheming Mind B” and “White Rose A”. We are outgraded by over 100 points this year, so we will need to play very carefully if we are to retain our title and receive another trophy…..!

Here is a game from GM Raymond Boger, the highest rated player, from the ICCF Olympiad 17 Final: –

John Rhodes