Strong English Team for ICCF 20th Olympiad

The British Federation for Correspondence Chess has recently announced the English Team for the Preliminary round of the ICCF 20th Olympiad starting on 10th December.  GM Richard Hall is on Board 1, GM Nigel Robson is Board 2, GM Ian Brooks is Board 3, SIM Nigel Burne is Board 4, GM John Pugh is Board 5 and SIM Russell Pegg is on Board 6. This is one of England’s highest rated teams for a Preliminary and has an average ICCF rating of 2539, the highest in their group, consisting of Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Nicaragua, South Africa, Israel and Bulgaria.

You can follow England’s, or any other team’s, progress from the following link: –

England’s top board, Richard Hall, is currently in third place in the World Championship 25 Final, with one result still to come. Here is one of his games in a match against Scheming Mind: –

May the best team win!