Take a Break!!

It is often seen that chess players are so dedicated to the chess that they forget everything except chess. Four years back on a Sunday morning a lady came to our chess club just find her husband who had not returned home, as he had been playing chess for whole night. How did I come to know? Actually he was playing with me!!!!

Sometimes it is necessary to forget chess and you have to pay attention to your social life. To be honest how much of our lives is negatively affected by chess at some stage? My point is just to balance the things which ultimately help us in improving chess. You will be more improving if you have fresh mind, without any tension. That’s why nowadays people are joining laughter clubs more and more.

I searched Youtube to find some of the funniest things in chess in order to put smile on our face and found some videos. Some of them are as under.

Ivanchuk vs Kramnik – Time trouble

Killer Robot against Grischuk

Anand vs Kasparov

Baby against grand pa

Ashvin Chauhan