Third British Webserver Team Tournament Division One

The Third British Webserver Team Tournament Division One started in June 2015. The team who I play for, “Pawn Stars”, won the very first tournament and only lost the second on a tie breaking rule to “ICCF Warriors”. It consists of seven teams, each with four players playing six games each and two players can be from overseas. Fortunately, our Welsh based team has stayed together for each tournament, although the board order changes according to current grade, and consists of SIM Gino Figlio (Peru); SIM Dr Michael Millstone (USA); Myself (England) and Austin Lockwood (Captain, Wales). This year we have an average rating of 2419, only beaten by “ICCF Warriors” who, this year, have an average rating of 2422 and consist of GM Mark Noble (New Zealand); SIM Olli Ylönen (Finland); SIM Andrew Dearnley (Captain, England) and SIM Ian Pheby (England).

This is a very popular tournament and gives British players a chance to play high ranked players from around the world without taking on too many games. Many teams and players will have a chance to meet up in Cardiff, Wales, this year for the ICCF Congress. I only wish I could be there myself! This is something that correspondence chess players rarely have a chance to do!

My games, so far, have been very hard fought and any wins will be difficult indeed. It is rather too early to show any games yet, but there promises to be some exciting battles to come.

John Rhodes