Vishy’s first win at Grenke Chess Classic

For the first time, the chess centre Baden-Baden is a host a category 19 Grandmaster tournament, the Grenke Classic. The event is scheduled for 7th to 17th Feb.2013. Participants of the tournament are as under.

– Viswanathan Anand, World Champion, 43, India
– Fabiano Caruana, No. 13 in the world, 20, Italy
– Michael Adams, No. 23 in the world, 41, England
– Arkadij Naiditsch, No. 29 in the world, 27, Germany
– Daniel Fridman, No. 78 in the world, 36, Germany
– Georg Meier, No. 120 in the world, 25, Germany

Vishy won his first game in Grenke Classic against Arkadij Naiditsch. The game was very complicated with closed pawn structure in Spanish opening, although it clears Anand’s path towards victory after the German sacrificed his Knight on move 28..Kh7 for an attack. The game finished on move no. 38 when Anand defended position and forces queen exchanges. Now Anand is half point behind from the tournament leader Caruana.

While on the other table the German, Daniel Fridman drew with Caruana. It was the straight 5th draw for German. The game played by Italian with opposite side castling structure but Daniel managed to trade pieces quickly and the piece was signed on move no 41. The other game between Michael Adams and Georg Meier of Germany finished in a draw after three fold repetition on 31st move.


– In the first round only Caruana won the game. He trapped Georg Meier’s King in the centre before giving finishing touch. Vishy’s joke to close the discussion for his round 1 game against Adams. “It would have been a reasonable bluff just to play Rad1 and see if I have the guts to take on a2!”
– In Round 2 Naiditsch defeated Adams in 7- hour game (The game of the round) while Anand and Caruana signed with quick play in Spanish opening with deep opening preparation.
– Naiditsch blunderd in time trouble against Fabiano after that Caruanan emerged as a sole leader of the tournament after round 3
– Anand missed his win in the forth round while Naiditsch bounced back and won his forth game against Meier.

Anand’s first win

Ashvin Chauhan