Visionary Thinking and Improvement

Many of us do daily tactical exercises to polish our tactical skill, but how many of us get such positions in a game? On top of that, how many of us try to achieve those positions and successfully reach them? I think very few amateurs get those positions in a real game.

What is the difference? Well I believe that chess legends not only have chess knowledge but they are also visionary thinkers. They first set out to achieve a particular position and then they go for kill.

How you can improve your visionary thinking in chess? I will try to answer to this question in the following discussion.

First and the foremost thing is pattern recognition as you know what to aim for. And after reading some articles and thought about the matter, I have list including some chess and non-chess techniques to improve your visionary skill.

Read more fiction:– At first I ignored this technique but then realize that it actually works. Even if you watch some kind of fictional movie and I have observed that many people are under the affect of particular movie or book for several days and they start seeing daily things with fresh eyes. Though the effect remains for a limited time span it does have an influence.

Be flexible:– Actually rigidness badly affects your visionary skills. I have observed that people with a lot of experience become rigid at some time as they believe that some work can be done by some ways only and they stop themselves to think that there may be some other ways around. For example Microsoft failed to see that even mobile can compete the computers.

Emotional stability:– Emotionally stable people can become much more innovative compared to emotional unstable ones. Here Yoga, meditation or similar activities can help a lot.

Take up an art:– Arts such as painting, writing or even singing can develop a person generally. Though they are not directly related to chess you can start seeing the same thing with different eyes.

Ashvin Chauhan