Visiting Monsieur Alekhine

I came back yesterday from a brief trip to Paris with my son Sam. Top of our agenda was a visit Alexander Alekhine’s grave at Montparnasse Cemetery, which along with the promise of seeing a few railway stations won out over Euro Disney. OK, we march to a different beat…

It’s not easy to persuade one’s 10 year old son that he’s not the central attraction, which is why most of the photos featured his very important presence. At least in this one I got him to smile:

Son Sam With Alekhine In The Background

This one was taken in one of those brief moments when I got Sam to stand elsewhere. Admittedly it isn’t as interesting though the purists will probably like it:

Alekhine’s Grave Without Son

Finally here’s a close up of a message left by a Russian speaker. It was left on g1(?) and had been written on the back of what looked like a bus ticket, an oblique reference to his game against Richard Reti?

An Improvised Thank You Message

I too would like to take this opportunity to thank Alekhine for his wonderful games, without which the World would have been a much poorer place. And here’s that game against Reti:


Author: NigelD

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