Weasels Ripped My Chess

Good night boys & girls . . . Thank you for coming to our concert – Frank Zappa

My wife says I’m really two chess players. The first one sits down and bungles the opening and the second one pushes the first out of the chair, saying, “Move over, patzer, let me handle this!”

Today we present three (3) games, all of which turned into struggles from which I managed to weasel out from very bad, even lost positions.

I could only play two rounds, the Sunday session, of the Colorado Class Championship this year. It’s a long drive to Greeley where the lovely campus of the University of Northern Colorado, the state’s agronomic institute, received us warmly and the press coverage of the event was the best we get.

In the first game, my opponent plays a weak White Grünfeld to which I respond … weakly. Then Ol’ No. 2 wakes up around move 16 and sacrifices a pawn for play.

In the second game, a really lame opening has me lost. However, weasels will out. I’m winning at the end, but it was a long drive on Sunday evening and dinner was waiting and the dog needed a walk, so instead of laboring another 40 minutes or so for the obvious win, I accepted a draw and went home.

The final game features me once again getting somewhat less than nothing out of the opening and biding my time. When my opponent runs out into traffic after the ball, I get to win an interesting R+7P vs B+7P ending.

Jacques Delaguerre


Author: Jacques Delaguerre

Jacques Delaguerre is a Colorado musician and chessplayer.